Agriculture in the course of time

Nowadays agriculture is more than ever exposed to rapid changes due to climate change and digitalization. Genillard & Co foresees great opportunities with considerable international market potential for public and private risk carriers. Therefore, we have created a holistic consulting concept for a forward-looking and competitive client. In detail, our offer consists of the following services:

Agricultural Risk Metrics (ARM)

Genillard & Co’s Agricultural Risk Metrics Portal enables you, as a member of the agricultural value chain, to better understand, monitor and manage the risks arising from natural hazards in your market. We provide historical and forecasted weather data as well as yield and hazard information for agricultural production.

Climate change has a significant effect on increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events. Based on scientific findings, these effects are integrated into the risk analysis on the ARM portal. Furthermore, we attach high importance to intelligent mapping and user-friendly visualizations.

The portal offers a cloud-based platform that links highly skilled modellers with insurers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector and allows the exchange of risk-relevant information.

We hereby implement a system that stimulates insurance activities, facilitates financial support, attracts investment and optimizes budget planning.

Agriculture Risk Academy (ARA)

Through our academy you will benefit from our international pool of coaches, who offer you tailor-made courses in three modules:

  • 1. Farming and Risk Management in Agriculture

  • 2. Insurance & Reinsurance Agriculture

  • 3. Technology and Business Processes for Agriculture Insurance

Therefore, we draw on many years of work and an excellent network in the insurance and reinsurance industry as well as in the agricultural sector. Our aim is to provide you the know-how for setting new impulses for more growth and efficiency in agricultural insurance.

The latest developments from the above-mentioned three topics are additionally addressed every year in the CISAR (Climate Insurance Solutions for Agricultural Riks) symposium organized by G&Co. In a group of risk and agricultural experts we discuss solutions for risk-based problems.

Analysis of agricultural markets

Are you planning to enter a foreign agricultural insurance market? We offer a holistic analysis of all risks in the markets of your choice. In order to make the opportunities and challenges of your investment more transparent, Genillard & Co examines all climate, demographic and market-relevant information for you and evaluates this in an in-detail strategic report that supports your decision-making.

Ask us for an offer and/or a sample report!

Remote Sensing and the benefit for agriculture

Our geoscientific department uses satellite data to provide you with a wide range of remote sensing data. As a user, you can profit from the graphical representation of your agricultural land and receive real-time monitoring information on plant growth in addition, for example to identify the failure of irrigation systems. This enables you to take effective and targeted measures to minimise risk.

We also successfully implement the knowledge gained from remote sensing activities in risk-management consulting for agricultural investments.

Our broking department also benefits from remote sensing data when evaluating reinsurance transactions in the agricultural sector.

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