Agriculture in the course of time

Nowadays agriculture is exposed to rapid changes. We see the considerable gaps in protection on offer as presenting great opportunities for the insurance industry. Therefore, we have created a holistic consulting concept for a forward-looking and competitive client. In detail, our offer consists of the following services:

Agriculture Risk Academy (ARA)

Our motto is: understand, monitor and manage agricultural risks!

Benefit from our international pool of coaches, who offer you tailor-made courses in three modules:

  • 1. Farming and Risk Management in Agriculture

  • 2. Insurance & Reinsurance Agriculture

  • 3. Technology and Business Processes for Agriculture Insurance

Therefore we draw on many years of work and an excellent network in the insurance and reinsurance industry as well as in the agricultural sector. Our aim is to provide you the know-how for setting new impulses for more growth and efficiency in agricultural insurance.

Agricultural Risk Metrics (ARM)

With our Agricultural Risk Metrics Platform we enable stakeholders of an agricultural market to assess and calculate all relevant risks, accessing state-of-the-art scientific know-how. For this purpose we bring together highly qualified modelers and insurers, and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector. Thus a system is implemented, which stimulates insurance activities, facilitates financial support, attracts investments and optimizes national budget planning.

Remote Sensing and the benefit for agriculture

Our geoscience department provides end-user solutions for collection, specification and graphical representation of risks on agricultural land wherever in the world. We provide risk-related reports gained from our remote sensing surveys to our clients. The satellite-based discipline is also used in our broking activity.

Analysis of agricultural markets

Before entering a new agricultural market a prior risk analysis is essential. To make the vulnerability that could impact your investment more transparent, we provide you with a holistic study of all climatically and socially relevant facts.

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