Creating synergies for insurers and institutions

In our network, we link players from the insurance industry with scientists from established European research institutions alongside technology developers. We stand for a cooperative approach to successfully tackle the complexity of modern challenges.


Co-development and evaluation of business models within multidisciplinary projects

Driven by our distinctive culture of innovation for creative solutions and with our many years of experience in international research and development projects we represent expertise and networking within the industry. In cooperation with science, we develop profitable products and services resulting from the latest data and findings

We bring scientific results to the insurance market

We organize workshops with stakeholders from all sectors and support the processing, dissemination and application of relevant new solutions.

Success Stories

H2020_Insurance – Innovation Hub for Catastrophe and Climate Extremes Risk Assessment

During the three-year-project H2020 Insurance, innovative NatCat models for predicting natural hazards and insurance losses in times of climate change were developed and transferred to the industry by means of a uniform framework. In the course of this project the OASIS Hub, as a public marketplace for data and tools, and the modelling platform OASIS LMF became the meeting place for insurers. (Visit the project homepage:


Holistic Resilience Trentino

During the course of this project we focussed our risk analytics on the forests in northern Italy to improve their resilience against extraordinary meteorological events. We engaged with public and private stakeholders in the region, investigated the market and designed scenarios for possible insurance solutions.


Dr. Tide

During the Dr. Tide project an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) crawler was established which harvests data constantly and automatically from diverse sources, based on customer needs. It delivers the analysed data in a structured and visualized means to agricultural stakeholders within a given market.


Infinitech – Big Data and IoT for Agricultural

This project’s goal is to deliver a commercial service module that will enable insurance companies to exploit the untapped market potential of agricultural insurance, taking advantage of innovations in Earth Observation, weather intelligence & ICT technology. (Visit the project homepage:

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