Agriculture in the course of time

Nowadays agriculture is more than ever exposed to rapid changes due to climate change and digitalization. Genillard & Co foresees great opportunities with considerable international market potential for public and private risk carriers. Therefore, we have created a holistic consulting concept for a forward-looking and competitive client. In detail, our offer consists of the following services:

Insurance Product Development

Combining many years of experience in agricultural insurance and the understanding of the most recent technology used in the industry, we are able to evaluate your insurance product portfolio and advise you on your future needs and developments. Via our expertise and partner network in the area of index insurance products you are able to sell an alternative and innovative product in your market that saves time and money. As a result, we also offer the service of delivering insurance schemes for drought as this peril has become one of the major concerns due to climate change.

Advanced Risk Insight Analytics

Are you a stakeholder in agricultural production or insurance and are you planning to enter a new market?

Are you looking for a business model transformation to make your insurance processes more efficient and cost effective?

We offer data driven analyses of natural perils and climate change posing risks to farms and cultivated crops. Through our holistic approach, these risks can easily be identified in the market of your choice. In order to make the opportunities and challenges of your investment more transparent, Genillard & Co examines all climate, demographic and market-relevant information for you and evaluates this in an in-depth strategic report that supports your decision-making.

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Climate Insurance Solutions for Agricultural Risks (CISAR) – Symposium

We draw on many years of work and an excellent network in the insurance and reinsurance industry as well as in the agricultural sector. Our aim is to provide participants at CISAR with the know-how for setting new impulses for more growth and efficiency in agricultural insurance.

During the Symposium we specifically address the following three topics:

  • 1. Farming and Risk Management in Agriculture

  • 2. Insurance & Reinsurance Agriculture

  • 3. Technology and Business Processes for Agriculture Insurance

As a group of risk and agricultural experts we discuss current developments in the agricultural insurance sector, as well as solutions for risk-based problems and best-practice technology available in the market.

Services for Agro-industrial Companies

Agro-industrial companies represent a large share of your portfolio and therefore a detailed risk analysis is essential. The consulting team of Genillard & Co provides you with an individual risk profile of your target clients by using publicly available information and remote sensing data. We summarize the knowledge gained from this data for your individual risk assessment. This enables you to take effective and targeted measures to minimize the risk exposure.

Our broking department also benefits from risk profiling using public and remote sensing data when evaluating reinsurance transactions in the agricultural sector while placing the risk with a local insurer and in the international reinsurance market.

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