Detecting the complexity of weather and climate in agriculture with technology

The impacts of climate change make natural hazard risk management an increasingly relevant issue. In addition, progressive digitalisation provides new challenges and opportunities in this domain for innovation through AgroTech enabling climate change adaptation, process optimization and risk mitigation.

Genillard & Co’s Agricultural Risk Metrics platform enables you, as an important player in the agricultural value chain, to better understand, monitor and manage the risks arising from natural hazards in your european market. We provide historical data and analysis of extreme weather events (drought, frost, hail, heavy rain, storm) alongside yield and loss information for the purposes of crop production.

Risk management incorporating natural disaster data analyses

Climate change has a significant effect on changing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events. Based on scientific findings and reliable open-source data crawling technology (powered by our partner OSINT Analytics), ARM provides accurate and detailed information and analysis integrating these effects into holistic risk assessments. Furthermore, our platform is highly user-friendly, deploying risk maps, automated data updates and self-service visualizations.

We value flexibility. The platform is therefore cloud-based and easy to access. It networks highly skilled modellers with insurers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector and allows exchanges of risk-relevant information.

The resulting product solution is a data driven decision making tool that stimulates risk transfer activities, facilitates financial support, attracts investment and optimizes budget planning within the agricultural sector.

In the news we keep you updated about our recent ARM initiatives.


ARM for Insurers

is the solution for insurers active in crop insurance, and supports the work of actuaries, underwriters, product developers and risk managers. ARM enables improved business planning, risk modeling and pricing subject to the conditions of climate change impact, as well as a simplified and efficient method of portfolio steering and sales support (e.g. risk diversification, rate adjustments).

Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer three standard variants (Seedling, Grower, Harvest) and in addition ARM Bounty, which offers the possibility to tailor the tool to your individual requirements.

AgroTech for Agricultural business

ARM for Farmers

provides the decision support farmers need when planning investments in risk mitigation measures or even for risk transfer through crop insurance.

In cooperation with our partner University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture in Croatia, we implemented farm management indicators and linked them to weather-related risk information to increase preparedness and climate change resilience.

By means of the data and information on estimated crop yields, combined with the likelihood of weather-related damage events and crop yield reductions, farmers are empowered to develop technology-based medium and long-term cropping and management strategies.

Climate change and its consequences are added as an important planning factor in a practical and understandable way by translating changes in the severity and frequency of weather events into business costs and revenues.

AgroTech for all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain

ARM for Markets

combines the above advantages and provides a comprehensive risk profile for all players in the agricultural market.

Institutions and associations from the agricultural and insurance sectors, as well as state authorities, are enabled to provide their members, clients and farmers with a risk-information platform and thus to continue on the path towards more climate-resilient agriculture in line with international target agreements and treaties (EU Green Deal, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement).

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