Detecting the complexity of the natural environment with technology

The impacts of climate change make natural hazard risk management an increasingly relevant issue. Progressive digitalization implies new challenges and opportunities in this domain for the insurance industry. Besides optimizing existing processes, highly innovative practices for risk assessment can be developed.

Genillard & Co’s Agricultural Risk Metrics platform enables you, as a member of the agricultural value chain, to better understand, monitor and manage the risks arising from natural hazards in your market. We provide historical as well as forecasted weather data alongside yield and hazard information for the purposes of agricultural production.

Climate change has a significant effect on increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events. Based on scientific findings, these effects are integrated into the risk analysis within ARM. Furthermore, we attach high importance to intelligent mapping and user-friendly visualizations.

The platform is cloud-based. It networks highly skilled modellers with insurers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector and allows exchanges of risk-relevant information.

The resulting product solution is a data driven decision making tool that stimulates insurance activities, facilitates financial support, attracts investment and optimizes budget planning within the agricultural sector.

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