Closing the protection gap by agricultural insurance is one of the urgent challenges for reaching income-safety of small farmers as well as generating yields and nutrition of a growing world population by means of adapted risk management.
The adaption to Climate Change is weakly noticed among farmers in Central and Eastern Europe and CIS countries as a chance for improved livelihood and development. Strategies of risk management don’t exist in a remarkable manner, which is also reflected in the insufficient offer of insurance solutions for agricultural production.
In order to strengthen the focus on this topic the Conference “Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance and Brokerage for CIS, Europe & Asia” in Belgrade with numerous representatives of (re)insurance businesses and the finance sector of these regions is a great platform.
Giving a holistic presentation of the agriculture in CEE and CIS Christopher Genillard was able to identify the low penetration of insurance and the great potential of these countries, which need to be strengthened by conducting a network of the diverse means and stakeholders as public-private-partnerships for the improvement of insurance offers and risk mitigation.
It’s about finding local best practice solutions, which are diffused by continuous exchange and coaching. The consciousness for agricultural insurance needs to be sharpened and the knowledge and skills of the local insurance businesses bundled and further developed. Due to these efforts millions of farmers can be fostered and rural development grounded on social and environmental compatibility and sustainability.